My name is Richard Shuping, and I’m an artist.   All my life I’ve been drawing and constantly in search for new things to do, new things to learn. I attented Ball State and studied traditional arts and art history and did very well there. After I graduated, I thought that graphic design was the profession for me.  After working for a while however, I found that it was not.   Then I found Richard Williams book, The Animators Survival Kit , and it changed my life.   So I went back to school again and wanted to be an animator.  Yet in that experience at the School of Communication Arts, I found rigging or character setup and that is what I like to do best.  Rigging keeps the scientific, problem solving part of my mind and my artistic creative side happy.  I find a balance that no other art has given me and while I still like to paint, draw, print, model, and animate,  character setup is what I like best.  I hope you enjoy my site and any information on it and if you want to contact me please do.  

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Cell 574-596-9560