Sketch Books

These are an assorted collection of work from some of my many sketch books. I like to go to places and engage in what I call "sneak drawing". These consist of short drawings of subjects that catch my eye, between 1 to 5 minute, where I try and draw the subject with out them knowing that I'm drawing them. This means that I have to observe the subject and remember as much of it as I can before looking away. Some people don't like to be stared at; so, by drawing them this way, I get less strange looks and guies coming over to throwdown and kick my butt. I have noticed that peoples body and stance and overall mood change when they know that they are being photographed or drawn. I like the natural look of someone when they are at rest or are just living their life. Trying to capture that in a sketch is very fun and challenging. Some of my favorate places to go draw are restraunts, pubs, airports, concerts, or anyother public place where lots of people congregate. If you want to do this, learn how to do caricatures. It comes in handy when the TSA come up to you and ask you what your doing in a airport. You draw them a caricature and they dont arrest you. Observing people is facinating. I think that is why I love animation and love drawing.

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