Create a series of joints then create an ik spline from beginning to end. Now rename the effectors, iks and joints and curve to your naming convention that u use. I prefer name(name of character, bob)_joint name(like chest tube or something like that)_R(is it on the right left center?)_number_jnt(and finally what is it, is it a joint? Jnt, is it an effectors? Eff, ik??? ik etc.). Now select the curve, create soft bodies option box, now duplicate make original soft, weight 1, make non-soft goal, and then create it. Now rename again, original should be called soft and duplicate should be called goal, so bob_chesttube_C_01_goal_curve or what ever you want to do to keep it straight, just be consistent. Under component mode, select the particles, they at first appear blue when you select them and then if you select them again they turn yellow, now in the component editor under particles you can adjust the attributes of the particles, you want to adjust the goalPP, if its at 1 it will always be where the goal spline is located, but as it gets lower to say .5 or .6 it will flop around so depending on how floppy you want it to be, adjust accordingly, now if you want to get fancy, you can select the goal curve, go to selection > cluster curve to change the cvs to clusters, name them accordingly and then group them and put a controller on the group to move more than one or just move the cluster handle themselves its up to you. But now you can manipulate the goal curve and the soft one will always want to be where that is, so you can have better control of

your dynamic tubes, and finally I am trying to create a way to control the scale of the joints so that they don’t sheer, but I haven’t figured that out yet but when I do ill add it to this. By the way there are better ways to do this using hair in later versions of maya but I do not have later versions of maya other than 7 at school.
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