So I have been watching lots of tutorials, trying to expand my knowlege here is something I've picked up from Aaron Holly DVDs, which if you havent bought them, get them, he is one of the best tutorial dvds I have ever watched. In school, I learned to create locators and then place the joints in the mesh by hand, or mouse, maually. this takes forever. don't do it. Instead create clusters from the mesh. it saves you time and it has personally made me a faster rigger.

How to do this, select the object, if its a poly, select the vertex, if its a nurb select the control vertex, then under the animation tab or hit the space bar and all the menus come up, Create Deformers > Cluster. I'm not sure what you do if your using max or xsi, I my experiance is not as extensive with those packages as it is with maya. This will place a cluster at the average of all of the vertices you have selected. This is helpful for when you are trying to find the center of masses, of arms, legs, the center of the eye, etc. if you just want to put something at the end of the finger, just select the vertex at the end and make the cluster. I love this technique, now if your fond of locators, and use them in a auto rigging or canned rig program, create your clusters and then snap the locators to those clusters. its another step, but in the long run I think it will save you time.

Enjoy : D
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