Proper naming can save you,

Recently I was working on a project for someone, and the rig messed up right as the deadline was coming up and proper naming allowed me to fix it quickly, so I wanted to write up some ideas on naming and share my thoughts, so that anyone one out there can learn from my mistakes. First I would like to credit Erik Westlund, Will Clay, and Arron Holly, who have influenced me on naming. Also you can name your stuff anything you want, JUST BE CONSISTANT!!!!!!!

Start with the name of the guy or object
So john01    or tree01   spaceship01 human01
This will be great if you have more than one guy in a scene

Then where is it (if applicable)
R for right or L for left or C for center

Then what it is,
So arm01   leg01    limb01 index01  doorFragment01

Then type,
So cluster is csr   control is CON or CTRL  group grp, joint is jnt, geometry is geo etc.

So you would end up with


Some ideas of short names

Cluster csr
Control con  or ctrl
Group grp
Joint   jnt
Forward kitimatic joint  fk
Inverse kitimatic joint  ik
Curve  crv
Geometry geo
Nurb surface  nrb or nurb  
Locator loc

Utilitie nodes

Multiply divide node  mdn
Conditional node   cdn
Distance node dis or dist or dsn
Add subtract average node  asn

I’m sure that there are more that could be added  but here is a start,  and the major ones that I have been using as a rigger lately. If you name your rig right, it will treat you right, maya may not but atleast your rig will.

Enjoy : D

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